Gourmet food trucks – are they the next big thing?

What are Gourmet Food Trucks?

Gourmet food trucks have taken America by storm and they are now becoming a regular contributor on the food scene in South Africa (particularly in Joburg and Cape Town). Essentially they are a mobile eatery that can serve delicious coffees and confectionaries to the trendy in various locations and at various times of the day.


Gourmet Food Trucks are taking South Africa by storm

Why are they so cool?

It’s a revolutionary way to tackle location issues – if your guests can’t come to your restaurant, you can travel to your guests. Eat Out reports that these mobile trucks are “giving diners the opportunity to indulge in Nutella bombs overlooking the ocean, gourmet coffee in the heart of inner-city Jozi and oolong tea at rock festivals.” It’s Al Fresco dining at its best!


The Balken Burger Bar, Jozi

What are the ups and downs?

Well, licensing can sometimes be difficult to arrange when you’re operating a mobile unit, but once you get the hang of it – there’s so many wonderful places you can serve your tasty creations. Getting people to know where you are next is half the fun – social channels like Twitter are an easy and cheap way to let your customers know where you’re going to next, what time they can expect you and what’s on the menu. So easy and simple to arrange.

If you’re looking for an entrepreneurial angle to pursue after your studies at The International Hotel School, this may be a really great project to start with – and you can rope in your industry mates to help out! Get outside, travel, cook, work, play….what more could you want?


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Where can you find out more?

Here’s the Eat Out guide to the ultimate alfresco dining: a list of food trucks currently operating in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Take a look and enjoy some gourmet treats from a trendy mobile food truck near you! http://www.eatout.co.za/article/21-food-trucks-to-follow/